Love After Death

My love for him is fading.
my heart is craking and my soul is hissing
the rose i bear…how its petels fall into dust
there is a scream in the foggy distance

its too late to ignore that death is coming
he may be dead, but his presence tears through me
the raven i follow no longer judges me.
she smirks and lands on the crosslike gravestones
the love for him is traped in time
no longer time for me but the time we shared
the past burns a hole through me,
the raven falls from the sky, bleeding.
just like its landing, i find my purpose
“love never dies” through your souls, they say
but mine has been gambled away
i no longer can cry but just lean over, like
the beasts and gods of stone tower with me
maybe th elove i once knew is dead
but i hold his soul in my craked heart
i wont fade but i will watch over the cemetary
the nightmares will always corrupt me

that was written by my friend….i decided to put it here for what ever reason i have

By howboutnow

i am a girl, i wanna be a mechanic and a tattoo artist for i can draw, love tattoos, love cars alot alot alot..and thats what ive decided to do.. but when the time comes