She found him in the dark and their lips met. Soft and gentle the two lovers began undressing each other. She began reaching for his belt when she saw the flash of a knife in the silhouetted moonlight.

“He remembered” she thought as the wetness between her luscious thighs began to grow. She groped at it but was held back by him. Her show of disappointment was enough to make him let her hand stray further but he would not let her control him. He was never submissive to women, because he always got his way… always and never with force. It was those little things he did.

But this girl was different. She would not take no for an answer. She thrust her other hand into his pance and fondled his length lovingly, then squeezed it with the ferociousness of a vice. He immediately turned her over and began kissing her inner thigh. Soft moans could be heard from the woman in a desperate plea. He had her… but she wrapped her legs around his neck and turned him. This awesome battle for dominancy over one another and the knife, ended with the man, for the first time in his life, on his back with a dripping cunt teasing his face.

She had played her cards right. With all the struggle, not only was she on top and receiving untainted oral pleasure, the small knife had been unclasped from the pants that clung deftly to his ankles. She snatched up the knife and began slowly cutting the skin jus at the back of his shoulder. She sucked on it with unrivaled alacrity, knowing he may make a move any second.

He had never met a girl so aggressive in all his life. Mystified though he was, he submitted to the women, knowing he may find unsurpassable pleasure this night. His tongue stoked and burrowed any and all holes it could reach, but when she realized he was enjoying it, she got off him. Her lips made their way to his crotch and she took his fully erect penis her mouth.

She gave just as well as she got, but when he tried to reach his hands around the back of her neck, she slashed furiously at his fingertips.
“No man has ever cum in my mouth, you won’t find release here.” She said, every word making him angrier and angrier.
This was too much for the man but he knew he could do nothing while she had the knife. When she was done, she slithered up his body and back to the fresh wound she had made in his shoulder. As she slid up, his hand made its way down. She did not notice until two fingers found there way into her moist cunt. A loud moan arose and he took advantage of this, snatching the knife away without hesitation.
“NO FAIR!” She said nursing a nick on her palm.
“All’s fair with love and knives Sarah. Now it’s my turn…”
The night escaladed with not a sound but the muffled screams of a young women finding ecstasy not under the knife, but under the first man who would not submit to her.