Love Birds Coo

She walks alone and sees herself in a pool of blood

Her clothes tattered and covered with mud

She feels the guilt she tries to shun

As she looks at her hands and sees the remains of what she’s done

As her guilt eats away at her and cuts her to the quick

She starts to feel sick

She starts to sweat

She starts to hear the screams, as though from inside her dreams

She remembers how she thought of using a gun

But it just seemed like no fun, too quick

She no longer felt sick

A smile grew on her lips, as she remembered the knife Butchering the wounds of her victim

Blood poured from his body like the storm outside

She could see the reflection of the lightning in his eyes

She could hear the thunder in his cry’s

A new thought raced thru her mind

What would she do with the body?

Where would she hide ?

Her pale face grew paler

Her dark eyes grew vague

As she turned to see her victims body staring straight,Thru into her fear’s

She felt a tear, running down her check, down her breast

soaking her dress

Her cold, wet heart made her think

Maybe she wasn’t quite so meek

Maybe she could burn it or hide it in the wall

But the smell of that would make a grown man bawl

Maybe she could feed him, to the rabid wolves

But the bones what of the bones?

Her thoughts were interrupted by low ,erie moans

A misty vapor decompressed, from his cold lifeless chest

A chill ran down her spine as she watched his last breath…

The wonderful feeling of death….

She thought again, what would she do?

An idea, she drug his body to the bog

And prayed it would cover with fog!

The body became hard along with the mud

She did not think all night she would walk and trued

The wind did blow

All that was left was to row and row

Out to the middle to throw him in

Over the edge , she did go!

Her lungs filled as though for ten

Slowly and quickly it got darker and colder

This is what he deserved, what he got

That wretched boy who broke her heart

Now they would really have to part

She had thought

We need to talk, he had told her

Always of what you do be sure…

Now they would be together

For ever and ever

Things can change with the beat of a heart

For the sweet or for the tart

Be careful what you say, what you do

The last thing she heard, was a soft, love birds coo…

By K*Kat

I'm about 5'2, greenhair, almond shaped brown eyes, too much eye liner, spikes, combat boots, baggy pants, and a sweet smile