Love has torn me apart…

Love has torn me apart,
You reached in my chest and ripped out my heart.

I used to think I loved you,
But I never knew.

I remember all the times we shared,
But now I know you don’t care.

You watch me as I sit and cry,
And now you wish I would die.

I take this tiny blade and watch a it cut through the skin.
It goes deeper and deeper in.

I watch as blood trickles down my wrist,
as I clinch the handle tight with a fist.

I wish you would know,
that you have special glow.

But now that we are apart,
I know you took my heart.

Love has torn me apart.

–This is for the one that I loved


By .::Kayka::.

My name is Kayla, but my friends call me Kayka. I am 14 and I am in eighth grade. I do not think I am goth, but I do think I am half punk. People at my school SUCK! THEY ARE ALL STEREOTYPICAL LOSERS! I know I sound boring, but whe you talk to me, I get loud as hell!