love in the shadows

She had waited to die for so long and knowing that her boyfriend was one himself made her want it more. The night he did it was a damp and cold october night it was colder than usuall and as they lay on her bed they heard sounds of something coming but not careing for they were in each others arms in love more than ever before

she could feel his cold breath all over her body as he strong arms rapped arouned her tihgter and tighter she felt two thin but sharp teeth slice in to her neck and the blood run out of her body she let out a faint shreik as she joined him in to the darkness she fainted before it was over so he laid her down and left as she slept she felt everything change inside her. her blood ran colder than ever and she could hear things she never heard before like the fading of her heart beat and the heart beats of others she soon awakend frightend for it it was dark and no one was around she soon felt the sensation of hunger when she got out of the bed someone fell from the ceiling saying where is he where is he where is your host tell me or die she flung around grabed him and killed himshe looked at his face and it was the face of her boyfriend dead and motionless in the moon light as she laid next to his body hopeing for it to fade for she felt the guilt and frustration of the fact she had killed him she grabed a knife and aimed it at her heart and went to silce it throught her skin she didnt die for someone stopped her shr lived on

By queen of the damned

the new and the old vamps in love