Love Is..


Love is a war
A plauge of Blood
Waged on the souls of the innocent
It is a bastard son of a tyrant
Raining his unwanted wrath
Upon countless generations of helpless children
It is a dark nightmare landscape
Where night chills
Burns as a thousand suns
Every hero is a martyr
Every virgin is a whore
Every small silver needle of something pure
Is burried in a haste
To die forgotten…

Love is a traitor
A swashbuckling rouge with a tounge of gold
A siren with an angel’s voice
It is a promise of lies
A blasphemer of dreams
Cruely masquerading
as much deeper
So much more..than it’s hallow truth
It is a glimmer
The faintest promise
Of sweet relief
Through the radiating waves of everyday’s pain
The vision of a treasure
Bringing only dirt

Love is a demon rising from dispair;
Treading, where it does not belong
It is pain
When relief is begged
It is pleasure
When none was sought
It is a formless phantom
Created in the vain struggle of a
Temporal being
Longing for something eternal

It is the height of passion
It is the depths of fury
It is the breath of all that is human
The purest of intents, bringing the most foul of contempts.
It is the faint
But sure taste of blood
Within the warmth of a tender kiss
It is our only goal
Save death
Love is life…

By MistressOfDeath666

.·:*¨Eh...I live in a crappy town in a crappy state, and I hate nearly everyone in it. I write but I don''''t do it good, and although I myself cut, I hate hearing about people who cut like people putting it in their info. "I''''ve been a cutter for 2 yea