Love is gone

Love has long since crawled away to the shadows,
just to shed light on my bleeding wounds of sarrow.
I have stored away all my senses because I am saving them for lucid dreaming,
it is the only wat I can tame the screaming.

My emotions have been covered by a thick layer of rust,
from all my travesties and broken trust.
Forever am I wading through this cumbersome sludge of pain,
it’s getting so bad I think I am going insane.
The screams are getting so loud I am begining to have doubts,
I feel there is only one way out.
Pain is the only thing I have left,
it has been by my side every time I have wept.
The days are accumalating since had last been asleep,
my depression keeps me awake it is so deep.
Darkness has takin control of me,
it is all I have come to be.
Tears could wash away my wounds blood,
and all my pain can be washed away with a flood.
Maybe I should use lead,
a twitch of my finger is the quickest way to lose my head.
Nylon could seperate my body from my neck,
and send me away on my peaceful trek.
So many elements for solutions,
the choice is hard for which will cleanse my delusions.
So now I am leaving out of that open door of thoughts,
just know I am free when my body begins to rot.

By whispering death

I am the Abercrombie guy that all goths think hate them. I know that goths are taking over the style scene and plus why pick on someone because of what they wear? I am goth trapped in a preps clothes. You guys have the strength to look the way you wanna and not give a shit what anyone else thinks. I love darkness! And for all the goths that read this I embrace as my brothers and sisters. Clothes are clothes and they don't make the person, you guys kik ass.