Love is Hate in a Twisted Way

Love is blind
lonely and bitter
it hides from the truth
making you feel
different than you do

It’s jealous
and angry
It is full of pain
and hidden agony

But it appears
happy and hopeful
where you dream of
flowers and sunsets

You’ll never know
that one day
it will fade
that love will turn to hate

You’ll see the tears
and shed the blood
your heart will ache
and you will soon hate

If you knew
all the pain you’d feel
the day he’d walk out
and leave you

Is it worth it
that one smile
those few short months
for 6 years of hate and pain

Would you take it back?
Or would you smile
and be ok?

The knives can’t ease the pain
The way he could
The blood doesnt get to you
The way he did
The Burns dont fascinate you
The way His stares would

You wish he’d care
You dream that one day he will
You wish you could have 1 last kiss
but dreams arent ment to be

You hate that you werent good enough
you hate that he doesnt care
but most of all you hate that hes not there

You cry yourself to sleep at night
thinking of ways to die
you can’t be without him
it even hurts to cry

He left you alone
all by yourself
leaving you to wonder
without shelter in the dark

You tryed so hard to move on
put him in the past
but theres something about him
thats just unforgettable

Your love is hate in a twisted way
You love him with all your heart
to this very day

You wished he felt a little more pain
You wished he cryed a few more tears
just to sastfy that pain within
your very soul

You tried to fit in
be without him
its just too hard
to watch him with her
you couldnt stand it
to see him get hurt
even tho you had wished he would

You cared too much
about him
and you hate it so
wishing you could jus let go
You tried so hard
and almost suceeded
but you’ll never exscaped
that hate of love

Your love is hate in a twisted way
You love him with all your heart
to this very day