Love Me How

His hands ran up my body gingerly touching every inch of my skin. The feel of his finger tips cringed on my flesh and made me want to cry. Questions flooded my mind as he memorized every drop of sweat bubbling from my pores and every corse hair growing stiffly from where i resently shaved.

I wanted to cry but i couldnt find the breath. His body grinded into me furiously as he savored the salt of my body. I closed my eyes and prayed to die. I didnt want to feel the horrific actions he was about to perform on and in me. I wanted to pretend it was all a bad dream. As my eyes closed i felt something stiff trust into me with no warning or ease. As it drove into me like a hammer driving a nail into a solid oak board i scream like a filthy whore. His body moved down and jammed back up with twice the force of the first thrust. My screams were deafening but he didnt seem to hear of understand what they meant. The tears ran down my face as it mixed in with the crimson river flowing from my open wounds. His hands smeared the blood across my breast and then he licked them up like i was some sweet candy or an ice cream cone.
The night sky reminded me of the day when him and i use to lay out and dream of what the future had in store for us. We would be the perfect marriage, and have the perfect children, in the perfect home. We would laugh and joke around as we kiss but never go beyond that. Holding hands was next to a mortal sin to him. If such contact was so bad what the hell is this? Is it in gods name? If so, Fuck God…and Fuck him. When his actions are complete and he moans as the cum pours into my maimed body…his limp trembling body lays across me breathing like a dog in heat. I wish i could rip out his throat so i couldnt hear the pleasure drip from his lips as i cry in misery. In my ear he whispers, “I love you.” YOU LOVE ME!!!! You dirty bastard you just raped me and you say you love me. how far does your filthy love go? To your dick, and no where else. I loved you too but I loved you the real way. I didnt want your body and i didnt want you to take mine..if you would have asked i would have given it to you with open legs. but no you had to do it this way…for what price?
My mother cries because her daughter is lost to her. her and i cant talk because it hurts too much to look at my face of stone. To hear my words spoken with such animosity and hatred. My father locks himself away. He is afraid i might hurt him in some evil way because i am no longer pure, but scared for life. My brother died because he couldnt go on with out his little sister. He only wishes he knew you. If he did you would be dead too. I watch all this and i want to cry. But i forgot how…thank you. You say you love me…if you love me why didnt you kiss me good bye when my body was lowered 6 feet below your feet.