Love needs no words

This story took place years ago by the time when I was transferred to work in another city. I had to travel every day by train and some days I was too bored to read or to look out the window. The only thing which seemed more interesting was to study the people around me, trying to guess their jobs, their habits, their dispositions. Some faces were casually studied, others appears to me every day, but nobody seemed to me interesting enough to me as to pay more attention, up to one day, when a strange couple appeared.

They were so different both of the other travelers and of each other that they drawn my attention. He was very big and rather unmannered, answering sullenly to whatever she was doing or saying, while she was small and thin, with soft features, seeming delicate and tenderhearted. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. They didn’t seem to notice me so I could attentively study every move she made.

When I got out of the train, I suddenly realized that I had began to fall in love with her. After this incident I met them daily and I was more and more attracted by her. I was feeling an unusual mixture of erotic attraction and protective disposition for her, but I couldn’t do anything although I was thinking to find a way to communicate with her.

A few weeks later I was extremely surprised to discover that she was traveling alone. I tried to imagine all sorts of possible explanations, but I couldn’t read the answer on her face. At a certain moment she stood up, trying to take off something from her luggage. I could see her in profile as she was wearing a slightly transparent dress through which the shape of her body was looming. She had supple thighs, a very thin waistline and a pair of firm, round breasts, which were pressing the soft material of her dress. I got so excited that my penis hardened inside of my pants. After a while she sat down again, but seeing her in front of me made me want me even more.

I dreamed that we were alone in the compartment and I was embracing her, slowly caressing the curved lines of her body, kissing her moist and warm lips, passing my fingers through her soft, silky hair, letting it fall down to her shoulders. I was moving down to her waistline, casually touching her breasts, holding her tight into my arms, pressing her lips against mine, feeling the warmness of her body, while her breath was caressing my neck. I was cupping her breasts, massaging them softly till her erect nipples became visible through the dress. Then I began to press and gently squeeze them, with the tips of my fingers, while she moaned in a low voice. My extremely hard penis was tightly pressed against her pubis and, as I continued to caress her breasts, she began to rub her clit against my penis through her thin dress, moving up and down my shaft, producing me an extremely intense pleasure. Then I lowered the straps of her dress, slowly removing them from her shoulders, revealing her full breasts.

I bent down my head, reaching them and began to kiss and suck their hardened nipples, while she was rubbing her clit through her dress. She was so excited, that I could see her liquid wetting the soft material of her dress. Then I laid her on the settee, kissing her inner thighs up to her wet vulva, sucking her sweet liquor, putting my tongue into her moist and warm vagina, while she was whispering into my ear she wanted me to fill her vagina with my strong penis.

Suddenly, I felt a hand touching my shoulder. I started, realizing I was dreaming. When looking around me, I noticed we were alone in the compartment and she was smiling at me, offering me a paper, which had fallen from my book, while I was dreaming.

He, well, sometimes dreams come true… !

By Acid_Fire

"Years of love have been forgotten in the hatred of a minute" - Edgar Allen Poe "Abandon all hope ye who enter here"-Carved above the gates of Hell