Love: The Healer


My heart is thine

I am so happy that thou aret mine

Your always stuck within my mind

Its like there is something i am supposed to find

But i wish you would stop clouding my mind

And just come lay here by my side

Love. Most of us think of it as something that happens. Its there or it’s not right?
Dead Wrong
Those are the people that dont have true love.

I was so depressed. Life Sucked. I’d sit in my room. Not eating anything. Dark. Oh so very dark. And the music. So depressing. Every day I thought about ending it. I’d hold the knife to my wrist, and then decide I wasn’t even worth killing. So I’d cut myself somewhere else that would only bleed for a while. The pain helped to stop the pain I felt inside.

I had always been a reject. The Goth. The Freak. That one fucker who is always sad and should be avoided at all costs. But I was only sad. And they would pick on me. And avoid me. Damn them. There happy little lives.

And the thing that hurt me the most was that I brought the pain to myself. I was always looking thru the eyes of a sadist. I might have been happy if I’d of thought diffrently. But I had trained myself to find the bad in everything.

And I saw the people living so happy. I’d have given anything to have gotten rid of the pain. It hurt so bad inside. I whished someone could just look at the world thru my eyes and see how I saw things, and how i thought.

But that all changed now.
Because I met her.
So Beautiful.
So Caring.
So Loving.
She wasn’s sad, or even remotly unhappy.
Yes she accepted me.

She has helped me thru so much. She means so much to me. For Love truly can heal all the old wounds. Granted I still get really depressed. But when I am with her it all seems so cower in fear at her. It runs to the back of my mind and stays there as she dominates me.

And For Making Me Happy I Can Never Repay Her

Love….. Embrace it

By RavenofFilth666

Deppressed, gothic and have a whole lotta hatred twords nothing in particular, there are more important things to worry about