Lovers in the Darkness

The bitter cold breeze penetrated his cloths and even the warmth of his lovers embrace could not warm his mutilated body. He urged her to run, to leave him and save herself but in her stubbornness she refused to leave her lover.

His torn flesh began to crust as his blood cooled then froze in the unnatural cold of the demons lair.

She had run to his rescue thrusting the flame in the demons face sending it cowering into the darkness. She came to late, his wounds were grave and all she could now do is comfort him and await the death that lurked within the darkness of the abandoned cavern.

The small circle of light began to fade as the torch gradually began to extinguish. She could hear the demon’s ghastly breathing as it stalked around them waiting patiently for it’s chance to strike.
“Pease my love, I beg of you, leave now before it’s too late,” he urged her.
“I can never leave you,” she cooed as she held him tight supporting his head in her lap, “together in life, together in death, forevermore”
He saw the tears spring from her eyes but there was no fear in her expression only her empathy and he realized then there was nothing he could say to change her mind.
“So this is it then, we die together in this darkness,” he raised his cold, blood-covered hand and caressed her soft cheek wiping away her tears, “What did I ever do to deserve such an angel as you my love? So tender, so loving, ” he remarked.

She covered his hand with hers and as the light dimmed she laid up against him on the snow-covered ground embracing him as he faded away. She closed her eyes and snuggled closer to her lover and a moments passed in silence she awaited the inevitably, the darkness would come and she would join her lover. Forevermore.


  1. that was very lovely. it captures the true meaning of love. very good. too bad most pple can’t do what ur characters did. keep writing great stories like this and it’ll keep ur readers wondering and caring.

  2. Dah,
    The demon that caused his wounds.
    The fire she used to repel them died out.

  3. Hey hoe features,
    Why didn’t you tell me you wrote another short story?
    It’s good, you like your “forevermore”.
    I’m still gonna have to ***** slap you.
    By the way i think i left my vaselene at you place.

  4. great…a true love…well proverbially.In this dark age of ours who’s gonnna do that?

    neeway its cool luv the blood gore element in it.

  5. that is the essence of pure love to stay with the one you love till the end not wanting to live after they and staying with them even in the end together forever keep up the good work

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