loves logic

Why is it that when one falls in love everything they ever thought was right, whatever logic they had, and whatever they believed in means nothing and is reshaped by love.
There is no logic to love everything that while in love is pure emotion, no thinking is involved. Beliefs, rights and wrongs all are changed by love. Beliefs are still there but they have less meaning, right and wrong have no meaning because when your in love there is only right nothing that happens is ever wrong. But when one falls out of love and only then does the reasoning, beliefs, and the rightts and wrongs come back. Everyhting that that happened seems like a blur and when the love ends does it all comeback to haunt u. Every moment, every kiss, every embrace, it all stays with u. And for those of us say they have forgotten those things on which love is based on after it ends are liars. It can be hidden, or stored away but forgotten; that can never be. For one smell, one touch, one look can bring them all back to haunt u, to make u cry. Love does nothing but cause pain. I have been through it and it did me no good. This may be a pesimistic attiude but it is the truth. Love is the root of all evils.

Please comment on this, try and prove me wrong, or change my mind.

By manosorrow

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