.Seeking past this empty dream.
[Nothing’s more than what it seems]
.Playful kisses under the moon.
[Too late my life is ending soon]
.Broken hearted, lost love.
[Gentle tears fall from above]
.Dripping blood, eye to eye.
[Smokey grey clouds fill the sky]
.Look of pain, I know it all.
[Inside your widen pupil I fall]
.Tempted slowly, your perfection.
[Doing things we cannot mention]
.Scented clean, drenched now in tears.
[Left empty, I’m left for years]
.Idle, alone.
[I should have known]
.Face covered with drips.
[Lost in the movement of your lips]
.Empty, hollow pleasure as one.
[Too bad it’s over, what’s done is done]
.Once you’ve recovered, I’m not the one.

[© Jessie Queen 2003]

By CemeterySlut

im 15. live in a boring town. play guitar. write poems/songs. love pain, piercings and i have a bad biting fetish. Ive had my heart broken many times. and i can be a real bitch.