Making Some Free Graphics

I’m making some free graphics for people over the internet… Why? A few reasons.

1. I love making digital artwork and if I have to make something for someone I can’t be bored and lacking inspiration or jobs to do.

2. Graphic sites want oodles for graphics now a days and having your own personal graphics for your site is quite cool.

3. Because I hate going to sites with nothing but, the same damn clip-art.

I do best at making interpretations and alterations of people. I’m not doing this for money or to sell off my talent. All the work I do is free. If you want a free icon of yourself, one by my interpretation or if you have an idea let me know…
There are only a few things I ask in return.

1. A button or link back to my site.

2. That you give me a decent description of what you want and reply quickly to my questions about graphics.

3. I have received nudes to turn into graphics before… due to past experiences they must be tasteful…. no raunch (its art not porn). I do take bribes of any non money sort to get work done quicker
E-mail me either a pic under 400k or a letter with a description of what you want or a url to a pic you want worked on
aim: zerophoenix
Icq: 72117113

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By zero_phoenix

21 yr. old digital artist from N.W. Indiana. I'm a free thinking danger to yuor computer screen. I like metaphysics, philosophy, digital music, digital art, juggalos, conversation, coffee and rocky horror picture show.