Marcin’s Story

Heather hated the winter months, always so cold, wet and dark, but this evening was going to be different. Heather normally spent her evenings in front of the computer chatting to various different people, this is where she met Marcin. He was the nicest guy she had met and tonight she would have him all to herself.

Heather had, had a feeling about Marcin from when they first started talking. He was friendly, sweet, charming and one in a million and this is what she had always liked in a guy.
Marcin himself was very good looking, blonde hair and green eyes, which she loved. There was just something about Marcin that attracted her to him.
Marcin and Heather had never met before but Heather was very excited, she couldn’t wait, she had waited too long already. Heather always remembered how her and Marcin had met, in that chat room. Heather hadn’t been in vampire chat in such a long time but that day she was showing her friend how good it was when she decided to start talking to someone named ‘Lestat’. She had always liked that name ever since she had watched Queen of the damned. She also loved the idea of vampires, so immediately she wanted to talk to Lestat. Heather was very happy that she had started talking to him and that she had not scared him away. For a long time now she had been waiting to hold him, to kiss him and not have to imagine him, she wanted more than anything to hold Marcin and tonight she was going to.

The time was drawing near, the clock nearly chimed 8, and Marcin was going to be knocking on her door in about 30 minutes. ‘Just enough time’ she thought as she ran up the stairs to arrange her ‘surprise’.

Marcin thought he was coming over to watch a few films but he had sensed something, something had changed between him and Heather recently they had become a lot….closer. He pushed the thought out of his head and carried on walking up her garden path with videos in his hand. Little did he know they wouldn’t get to watch them.

Heather jumped at the sound of the doorbell and she glanced at the clock by her bed, 8:35, ‘fantastic’ she thought, ‘just on time’. She ran down the stairs in a baggy top and black shorts, showing off her slender legs. As she opened the door the cold air hit her full on, making her shiver and her nipples harden under her top. She had not put a bra on; she did not see the point. She led Marcin through the lit hallway and as she closed the door behind him she locked the door, smiling to herself.
“ So do you want a drink or anything? We don’t have any coke but we have lots of beer” Heather said in a playful voice.
“Yeah sure okay I’ll have a beer” Marcin replied and took a bit of his drink.
Heather took Marcin’s hand and led him up the stairs, Marcin was a bit confused but didn’t say anything as he watched Heather climb the stairs from behind. She knew she could not take Marcin straight her room that would have been stupid, so she took him on a tour of all the bedrooms, leaving hers until last.

They finally reached her room and Marcin began to feel uneasy and Heather sensed it. She dragged him into her purple room with force, catching him by surprise. He didn’t know what surprised him the most, the force that she used or that fact that her room was purple. The one thing that Marcin noticed was her bed, it was freshly made up in black sheets. Her bed had a silver gothic head rest which 2 handcuffs where attached to. This interested Marcin, as he had not noticed this side of her at all.

Heather closed her bedroom door as she watched Marcin loo around the room, particularly at her handcuffs. She smiled to herself and slowly walked over to him. Marcin noticed Heather ad quickly turned around to face her, only to loose his balance and fall to sit on her bed. Heather came to stand directly in front of Marcin and took hold of both of his hands.
Marcin looked slightly uneasy but still did not say anything. Heather took both of his hands and placed them on her ass. Marcin objected for a moment but this didn’t stop Heather, this just made her want him more. She lent in to kiss him, softly at first and then with more force and passion. She had been waiting a long time for this and she sensed he had to.
Heather pulled away from Marcin. She had taken her hands off his a while ago as he was doing just fine on his own. Heather gave Marcin a playful push sending him backwards on her bed. She smiled down at him just lying there; she smiled a playful smile, which quickly turned to that of pleasure. Marcin noticed the smiles and the look in Heather’s eyes and just as he thought about them, Heather straddled him, over his waist. She leaned forward and kissed Marcin again, whilst reaching for his left hand the free handcuff on her bed. ‘Click’ the handcuffs held Marcin’s left hand there with no mercy. He glanced over at his trapped hand then back at Heather as she placed his right hand in similar handcuffs. Marcin was helpless and this showed in his eyes, Heather was enjoying herself, but she also new he soon would be to.

Heather was grateful that her parents were out of town, as she would have found it difficult to explain this.
She was grateful that Marcin had decided to wear a shirt, this made it easier for her. She glanced down at the helpless Marcin as he excepted that he was going no where. She began to kiss him again, soft at first and then more playful. Marcin tried to free his hands but the handcuffs just began to rub his wrists, he so wanted to touch her. She pulled away from Marcin as she watched him struggle for a few minutes. She ran her hands down his chest to the top of his trousers then up her legs to her chest, over her breasts and then to her neck. Marcin fell silent. Heather ran her hands back down her body to the bottom of her top; she held the bottom of her top and began to slowly take it off. Slowly, teasing Marcin she lifted her top over her head revealing her breasts to him. The cold air in her room hit her again and once more her nipples went hard. The cold heightened all of her senses and she loved it. She looked back at Marcin and threw her top aside. She put her hands either side of Marcin’s head and lowered the front of her body so it was inches above Marcin but no matter how hard he struggled he couldn’t get out of the handcuffs to touch her. Heather moved to the top of Marcin’s shirt and started to unbutton it slowly letting the cold air rush onto his skin making patterns of Goosebumps. Heather let the shirt fall either side of Marcin’s exposed chest.
Marcin gasped as he felt the cold air. Heather, still straddling him, ran her hands down his chest sending shivers up his spine. She lent down and made a trail of kisses from his neck to the top of his trousers. Marcin moved clearly enjoying himself. Heather sat back up again and leaned towards the draws next to her bed. She stopped for a moment but then reached for the top draw and began to open it. Marcin did not know what she was going to do. Heather reached into the draw and pulled out a small silver knife. It was so beautiful. It was silver with two dragons on the handle; they both had the deepest red stones in their eyes. Heather used this knife for everything.
The fear that came into Marcin’s eyes made Heather laugh, as sweat gathered on his forehead. Heather traced the knife down Marcin’s chest making him shiver with fear. He had not expected this and he was not sure he liked it.
Heather reached the top of Marcin’s trousers and ran the knife over his legs and with the other hand she undid his trousers letting his full erection come out. Marcin sighed out of relief but also out of fear. She pulled his trousers down to his ankles restricting the movement of his legs. In the light of the bedroom Heather could see the head of his erection wet with pre-cum. She ran the blade of her knife up his penis, careful not to cut him. Heather placed the knife down beside Marcin; he glanced at it wandering what would happen next. Heather lowered her mouth just above his penis and breathed on it teasing him, making him trust towards her mouth wanting her more than before. She continued to breathe gently on him, before gently placing her mouth around his very erect penis.

She began moving her tongue around the top of his penis in slow movements getting Marcin very excited. Heather looked up as she took the whole of his penis into her mouth slowly moving her mouth up and down, getting faster and faster. Heather sensed that Marcin was about cum and pulled her mouth away forbidding him the pleasure of cuming in her. This was painful for him but he didn’t care he just wanted to be inside her more than anything.
Heather reached down and grabbed her knife, she did not threaten to cut Marcin, she did. She dragged the knife down below his shoulder leaving a trail of blood behind. A look of pain clouded Marcin’s eyes and he shuddered when she next placed the knife on his stomach. Heather was enjoying the pain she saw in his eyes. She made another cut, deeper than the first across his stomach. The blood just ran out, dark red, which excited her more. She bent down and carefully licked the dripping blood, first off his shoulder then off his stomach. She knew this was hurting Marcin but she didn’t care.
Heather raised the knife and cut one of her exposed breasts letting the blood run over her breast and her nipple, letting the dark red liquid drip off her onto Marcin’s stomach. With her middle finger she gathered a small amount of blood on it and smiled, placing her finger in her mouth, sucking off every last drop. She removed her finger from her mouth and gathered more blood on it but this time she didn’t taste it but lowered her finger to Marcin’s lips, waiting until he opened his mouth.
“Play nice Marcin, don’t you want to be inside me?” Heather asked playfully. Marcin couldn’t reply, he just opened his mouth, taking in the blood and sucked it dry. Heather removed her finger from his mouth and lent down to kiss him and she slid her hands underneath Marcin’s head. As she pulled away from him. She lifted his head up and brought her bleeding breast above his face. She lowered her chest and brought his head up until she could feel his breath on her.
“It’s alright Marcin, I want this, I want you to lick me, suck me, take the blood”
Marcin did what he was told and placed his mouth over the cut licking away the excess blood as Heather moaned in pleasure.
“Enough” she whispered as she pulled Marcin away and let his head fall to the bed.
Heather stood up letting her long brown hair fall down over her breasts. She slowly removed the black shorts she had not yet taken off. She let them fall to the floor showing that she had worn no underwear before. She stood there, above Marcin, naked, with her pale skin reflected by the light in her room with a dried streak of red blood running down her breast, she look so sexy and she could tell Marcin thought so to as his penis was again very erect. Heather smiled down at Marcin, a smile he soon returned.
She bent down and let him enter her. She undid one handcuff to reward him for being so good. Marcin’s hand went wild, touching every part of her body that he could. First he reached up to her face pulling her head down to kiss him. He kissed her softly but soon his kiss became so deep and passionate. Heather thrust into Marcin harder and harder and she could feel his penis inside her, making her cry in pain.
Marcin’s hand ran up and down her body from her ass to her breasts. He thrusted deeper into her, satisfied by her moans. This is what he had always wanted, just to be inside her.
Faster and deeper he pushed inside her, feeling lust, passion and want more than he ever had before. Heather let out a scream of pleasure as she reached her climax, as she had an orgasm. Marcin came inside her, like liquid fire, it set her insides on fire
With a last sigh she collapsed beside Marcin. Worn out from hours of teasing and sex she rolled over to Marcin and freed his other hand. He rolled into his side and Heather grabbed his hand and placed it on her cut breast and kissed him softly, whispering
“Boys that play nice, get rewarded” with that she smiled down at Marcin who returned the smile knowing that it wouldn’t be long before they did it all over again.

By Princess_Dru

Hey! my names dru woohoo! i like this site and i love writtin my stories and poems! ummm i can and do gt pissed off so watch out! mwah! i cn be a depressed lil bitch 2 but if u need ne help jst cum talk 2 lil old me!