I had zero interest in the upcoming remake of CHILD’S PLAY. Zilch. Nada. None. In point of fact I’ve had no interest in the CHILD’S PLAY franchise since CHILD’S PLAY 2 way back in 1990. For whatever reasons, Chucky just doesn’t have the staying power in terms of holding my interests the way that Jason, Michael, and Freddy do. All that “Bride of” and “Curse of” and “Wedding of” and “Chucky adopts a puppy” stuff? I didn’t care. And I cared even less that they were doing a remake of the original.

Until now.

Mark Hamill is going to be doing the voice of Chucky. That alone makes me excited to see this new movie. Hamill got typecast as Luke Skywalker after the original STAR WARS trilogy. He couldn’t get serious, prominent work. Then he took the part as a voice actor portraying the Joker for the Batman cartoon of the early 90s, and his work became legendary (so much so that they brought him back for the theatrically released BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE in 2016). Then he did a little movie called SUSHI GIRL and showed the whole world just how damn amazing he is as an actor.

And now he’s going to be Chucky.

When does the movie open?