Medieval Chant

Kinderly is now becoming
Into this world of terror
Bequeath the inner erthe in her
She is now the pearl of our being

Kinderly is now the Erthe
And to herself she owns the world
Strong as the rays curl
Into a lovely shade of black, oh Byrd
Of sorrow within the unlikely
We are the only ones to decay
She wouldn’t step anyway
On the paths that were virtually
Stripped of landscape
Filled in the gaps
Oh child of the past
We are not cold enough to rape
A bit of grace for the darkness to come
In a world without love
Medieval creature, blood
Will be the wine of those to come…
Alternate day and night
Soul of the blundering lie
Remnant of an era of fight
You won you won and I died
Kinderly, hopes in you lived
Eyes of the green protuberance
When they showed their arrogance
You showed you were wised
Aye, in the night’s loving arms
You became the one who crest
Within the eternal life to bless
And death would be your charm
Kinderly is now becoming
The pearl that held the dismay
Of a people’s own inlay
Where cinders were once revolving
Kinderly is now becoming
From the old English she spoke
The words coming from under her cloak
She was the ultimate being
Kinderly is now becoming
The myth we should be praising
Bound to be the fairest she is gaining
Our blackened hearts, and we are bleeding…
Kinderly is now becoming
Into this world of terror
Pushing upon us her voice of lover
And we are all loving and dying

By die Krähe

I am darkness incarnated.I am but a Crow, flying above desolated lands, in search of what only exists in the realm of the forsaken...Ich bin Aine die Hexe, A solitaire Witch...