Megalodon Madness

They’re finally getting around to doing a sequel to THE MEG. And there’s another film, THE BLACK DEMON, which is “Based on a Mexican legend–While on a trip to Baja, an oilman [Josh Lucas] finds himself and his family stranded on a rig where the sins of his past have put him and all he holds dear in the crosshairs of a sinister force.” That “sinister force” is a Megalodon. (If you watched SHARK WEEK this past summer then you know that Forrest Galante pronounced that the “Black Demon” of Mexican lore was just a misidentified whale shark. Well maybe it is or maybe it isn’t.)

There’s new Science, though, that threatens to turn everything we know about Megalodons on its head. They may not have looked like we think they looked, i.e. like really big Great Whites. Hopefully for the new movie they’ll go back to the unused design for the monster shark (pictured) since it turns out this version might well be closer to the historical reality than the one used previously. (And it looks way scarier, too.) And they should use the same design for THE BLACK DEMON, too. Except, you know, make it black instead of white.

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