Metamorphsis: A comical view from Prep to Goth

Author Note: I made this to put a little comic tone into the goth section, so I hope you all enjoy…I base this off my own experiance (were not all born goth, ya’ know) and the change of others. Enjoy.

Step One: Realization:

Hi! And welcome to Goth Labs…we really don’t do anything at Goth Labs, infact, it’s not real, it’s just a silly name to help this comic view, yet the message itself is very real, and it may be comic, but it still can be used if a prep wants to be goth, so lets look at the process…shall we?

First, a prep must realize the world of Goth. This is mainly three things: The realization that popularity does not matter, the realization that goth is sub-culture to debunk pop musics and cultures, and, finally, the realization of pain.

The first: Popularity. What exactly is this thing? Not everyone has it, but every has craved it. Some break out before it damages them to much, yet in the end, most are conumsed by it like a rabbit consumed by a dung beatle….not to debunk science and say that a beatle could consume a rabbit…but…moving on!

What exactly is popularity? says: Intrinsic polar separation, alignment, or orientation, especially of a physical property: magnetic polarity; ionic polarity. Hmm, that doesn’t seem right…Oh, I typed in polarity, sorry…what it says about popularity is: The quality or state of being popular, especially the state of being widely admired, accepted, or sought after.

Hmm…well, what if your not? It hurts, plane and simple. How do people deal with this? Differn’t ways: Drugs, Crime, even Suicide. But, one way, which doesn’t involve major damage to your self, is Goth! One must realize that goth is not a religion, cult, or any of those other things (not to say a goth person can’t be religious, or that a cult member can be goth, or that George Bush can go fuck himself…of course, thats a little off subject)

So, the second: Debunking of Pop. What is pop? Pop can be defined in the disco era, when disco was rampant. Goth started then, as a means of debunking this uber-trend: Disco. Now, the goth culture wasn’t really called ‘goth’ per say, it was really Punk. Punk began, and has begun to be one of the MAJOR debunking trends…yet, of course, if it’s major, it’s not really rebellic, now is it?

Around the 80’s, to celebrate concerts and there rebellious attitudes, punks started dressing in blacks, and wearing make up. They used simple items, for Hot Topic (i.e. the devil) didn’t exist back then.

Soon, the trend increased, branhcing from california out to the world, and spawned a new culture, away from punk, even more debunking then it’s father. Hot Topic (a.k.a. the evil one) was a product of this era, letting people spend 40.00$ on a ring that was cheap metal and turned my finger green (To Hot Topic: I’m still waiting for my refund.)

Now, the third: Pain. Pain? Where does pain come in goth? Alot of things. People turn to goth for alot of reasons: They weren’t ‘cool’ enough, so they decide to try something new. There family is goth. The trend looks neat. They are in pain because of there peers and there peers culture. The last one is very, very common. Now, the first is similliar, yet lacks the pain. You see, Goths usually have some sort of event in there lives that drives them to gothdum: a death in the family, a twisting realization, and, worse off, a suicidal attempt. People wear black when they mourn…well, consider pain indused gothism as a long period mourning.

Does that mean goths without pain aren’t really goth? Of course not! Goths aren’t choosy like preps…want to be goth? Sure! No problem!

Step Two: Poseur Proofing

Now that you realized some thing about gothictarium, you must poseur proof yourself. What is a poseur? Someone who copies the goths around him when he enters goth. I made the mistake of doing this, I had no intention to ‘pose’ it just happened. I wore the same shirt as someone else had the day before, who was also goth. I had no real intent, and didn’t notice it, yet goths can be cruel as well as preps, and basically, I was ridiculed for it.

I beleive it took three monthes to Psoeur Proof myself after…let ye not make that mistake!

To poseur proof, you must build into gothic. Don’t come to school one day (or work or whatever, it’s just that school is were goths usally start on the path of gothictariumismdoodlydadium) don’t come to school with a slayer shirt, pale makeup, black hair, and black jeans, with a leather trenchcoat, and a pentagram necklace, when the day before you were wearing a yankees hat, a shirt saying ‘sk8trs rool!’ and khakis. You will be called poseur like you have no idea, trust me. And what of the preps? They call you a Satanist (lovely, huh?)

So, what must you do? Build up into gothism. Make friends with some goths if you can, start wearing black shirts without band names or any other gothic seeming apprel. Listen to some punk, and say you like punk, then move on over to metal, and slowly creep your way over into goth. Edit this sytem as you see fits.

Step Three: Little Jonny Goth!

Well, lets look at Jonny here…he seems to be fitting the system fairly well, huh? Whats that? A problem Jonny?
The kids at school make fun of you? You want to kill yourself? Your taking drugs? The price of goth. Often there are the bad apples that ruin the crop. Drugs are OK when there haluccigenic, or not damaging, but some are fatal: Heroine, Cocaine, etc. And, killing yourself might be because of the pain, true, but you must live past that. The kids at school make fun of you is bad too, but you have to live past it. Remembver, your being differn’t, your being who you want to be…your being unique.

Step Four: Being yourself…

Don’t like goth or prep? Then thats not being yourself, now is it? If goth doesn’t work, move on. Being goth when yuo don’t want to is no better then being prep when you don’t want to. Remember, goth is not about raping and killing virgin blondes over an alter (of course, that can be enjoyable ^_^) it’s about being differn’t and unique, and being yourself. So don’t do it if it doesn’t feel right, because then it’s not being yourself…now is it?

In closing: Thank you for joining me and Goth Labs on this journey through gothdum…next time: We look at the exciting world of Christianity…have fun!

Now, yall’ come back no, ye’ hear?

By FearHate

I am Man, I am Beast, I do not hate, but I do not love. What am I?