metaphor of my being

the candle makes a shadow
and that shadow will walk
it will walk and not cease to walk
away from something

or to something else
cast by embraced ignorance, he sees all that hasnt been seen
he Thinks to himself
we are more dead than the deceased
he Thinks to himself
twelve is the number of Disguise
This is a tale marked by the nameless
the unseen, unheard, and unborn children
he is Indifferent to society
to Fall is only to be let down
and to rise is only to be lured into falling
does anyone else see these important things
Pretense is his dieing reality
his dreams only make him more sorry
he is so sorry that he is still walking
but he cannot stop

By em_sevas_TRA

17, male, i love art, favorite bands: Manson, Otep, NIN, Cradle of Filth, Tool