miachel & sara part 2

Being only a little boy seeing miachel & Sara he was naturaly scared. Once at the house to sooth his nerves Sara told miachel to go out side and go to the lake. After he was gone Sara gave the boy a back rub.

Soon the boy was calm as he was going to get Sara introduced herself to the boy. The boy told Sara his name; “my name is miles” She was happy because she liked this boy. Sara told miles about when she was a sex slave. Miles was away from his house so long that his parents didn’t care so Miles was now living with miachel & Sara. Miachel wanted to feed on the boy but he promised Sara that he wouldn’t. Miles began to love Sara and Miachel. Miachel was like a father to him and Sara was a lover to/for him. Miachel told miles how he was betrayed. One night when Sara was gone. Miachel asked miles if he could try something. Miles, trusting in him, let miachel bite him but not to break the skin. After that one-night miles had the love for vampires. Letting miachel feed off him once in a while but Sara didn’t know. Soon enough miles and Sara were having sex and Miles bit Sara’s neck. She didn’t know what happened but this was mile’s first time. Miles didn’t know what to do and killed Sara. Miachel found out and beat Miles’s skull in. Miles was sent to the void and miachel was all alone in his garden.


By Daynte666

I may be young but I am now turning gothic and I love vampires. My parents don't care so i live a semi-happy life