Michael Benvenuti *memorial*

When will this torture end?
i have lost with out a doubt my very best friend.

No longer are you by my side,
i have to be alone, with out a guide.

I miss you soo much,
is it possible to miss someone too much?

I want to end it all so i can be near you,
please come back to me, i am so alone.

what should i do with my time?
i ignored you when you were mine.

i have no heart…i treated you like shit,
when they were yelling at you, i just bit my lip.

i should done somthing, stuck up for you.
but now its too late, nothing i can do.

i damn my soul to the devil himself,
let vengance be yours till i suffer the unbearable.

and though i give you permission to take my life,
i know deep down, you’ll throw away the knife.

you could never hurt me, as mad as you may be.
Thats what i love about you, you loved me.

I am sorry for ignoring you, if i could take it back i would,
i love you so much, just like everyone who knows you should

* this poem is written about a dear friend of mine who died on march 5th 2003.if you dont remember him as Mike Benvenuti you may have known him as nutti from the band called PLY, he was awsome on his guitar, his “baby” as he called it. i miss him so much! anyone who was friends of his, let me know. i wish to get to know his old frinds, i owe it to him to keep his spirit alive. Down with christianity and up with the Anti-Christ. He taught me well, and helped me through alot of shit. Mike i love you so much!