Military Gothic

The Gothic lifestyle is something that many people that look in from the outside do not understand. For the largest portion, they cannot understand why we don’t want to wear happy clothes, hang out in huge crowds, and be up beat all the time. Something they would describe as “anti-social”, I would declair to be us deciding we do not want to be a member of the unwashed masses.

I am currently an Officer in the Army, where we are judged on a daily basis how we conduct our lives, both public and private. It is impossible to live myself as Gothic and maintain a professional appearance, and this is what really disheartens me to my career.
Since I was in high school, I’ve always been attracted to what we call the “Gothic” Subculture. Poetry, clothes, decorum, pictures, etc. Name it, I love it. People have always asked me “why do you dress like that”, which I can without flinching return the question. Now that I am here in which it is expected of us to be social and a big pack of kahki wearing frat boys, I’m nauseated in the fact that I’m loosing grip on who I am, rather then who I should be.
To draw all of my ramblings in to a defined point, I think it should be said that we who don’t like kahki’s, frat boys, popular crowds, and everything fluffy need to support one another. I know for a fact I’m pretty much a damn island and a black sheep in my career, and that’s why I’m not sticking around.
I want to get tattoos, more piercings, and dive into the warm closeness that being Gothic has to offer. The only band of people that wouldn’t stab you in the back when they had the chance. Please remember, it’s not easy in the path that we choose, but we’ll maintain a more personal purity then those who surround themselves with material prizes and sports.

Dies Irae Vedi

By Azurael

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