You look in the mirror,
Seeing what you’ve feared,

Seeing what you’ve become,
A liar,
A backstabber,
A fake,

The face in the mirror
Laughing at you,

Mocks you,
Eats at your pain,

And you feed it,
Every day,

You fake every thing you are,
And it gets stronger,

Soon you’ll forget who you really are,
Lost in the lies,

The stories you’ve spread,
The people you’ve hurt,

You’ll be the lie,
And soon,

You’ll forget,
The mirror has won your soul,

The mirror is now you,
And you think every thing is fine,

You live this life,
Until you’ll start faking this self,

And you may remember,
The first person,

The one you really are,
But you’ll never be them again,

The mirror has all ready won,
And you’re nothing but a fake.

By Robert McLaughlin

to tired to write write now.