Mirror Maze

I am trapped. Trapped inside this maze of mirrors. Reflections of myself regard me. They are not me, I do not look like that, not now, not now that I am trapped and afraid and uncertain of how and when I came to be here. This is no ordinary maze, it is worse than any I have ever encountered, any that have ever been.

It is endless, endless mirrors of mocking faces, all claiming to be me, but I know the truth, I know that none of them are, for they are not mirrors, but windows somehow, into different worlds, different dimensions. If I break one can I go through it? And what shall I find? What will be waiting for me on the other side? Safety? It probably cannot be any worse than where I am now. Show me the way. Somebody, anybody, please show me how to get back… back to where it is I came from. I do not know where. I’m not just trapped, but lost. Lost in this frightening world of mirrors or windows. Help me… please… help me… For I am alone.

By Audryn

I search for truth and understanding...


  1. Whoa.. you seem to be really lost. Well I could still offer myself as a friend. lol

  2. the only advice i can offer is to find yourself. This world presents amny opportunities to corrupt the person you are inside (i.e. your mirrored visions) ive been lost as you are. unable to be happy with that wich i’ve become. a strange creature resides where once did my own reflection. simplify your mind if possible by taking care of the obsticales one by one. you will find yourself. the intelligence you’ve shown so far gives me the right to say that i think. feeel free to email me if you wish to talk further. Darkchaos769@aol.com

  3. That is the question that most dare not ask of themselves, who am I really. Is it just the sum of all that has been imposed from the outside world by others to give you labels so they can place you in a nice neat fitting box?

    You want to know yourself. This takes many many years and much searching, a road that is long and hard to travel at times and there are few souls who can be your guide along the way. Be like Alice through the Looking Glass and dare to go beyond and see where these reflections have come from. See things as they are, no matter how weird they may appear at first. There is truth behind those images.

    And if you need relief for a while, look where there are no mirrors. Look behind rather than what is presnted in front, close the eyes of sight and look deep within. If it is a hall of mirrors, look to the floor where there is none to reflect you back and concentrate on the path which will eventually lead you out.

  4. I would definately say to sit and meditate in a calm, relaxing place. Think about these mirors. If you notice, there are two distances to a miror. The distance to the glass is one that most of us know of. However, the distance back… The glass and the metal behind it act as a barrier. Try to think of your weaknesses, how to overcome them. Eventually you may be able to penetrate the barrier and reach the second distance.

  5. What facinating responses. Thankyou all for putting such thought into this. Voltarrens, a good suggestion, one I hadn’t thought of, it’s too easy to get lost in the images held in the mirrors, we forget where we stand, and what it is we stand on.
    We change so much and at times so fast, is it possible to ever really know youself however? Perhaps the thing which keeps us interested in life is the search for ourselves. Hmm… I’d never thought of that. 🙂
    And BludPuddle, I’d like to hear more about this “second distance”.

  6. Hehehe now i feel shallow. When I read this I thought “It sounds like some cheesy high school drama production”. The “Help me… please… help me… For I am alone.” bit made me laugh. IT’S SO …. CORNY!

    Anyway erm, if that’s how you feel I’m sorry for you. I stopped being lost a while ago, but then I found a guy who tends to work as a homing beacon for me, so there ya go.
    I’m scarily co-dependent at times, but I never did find the search for myself interesting at all. I find the search for myself reflected in him as the most fascinating thing ever.
    I guess I just learned to choose my mirror carefully, because the image of me reflected in him is something I like.

    So yeah, that’s my advice, choose one reflection of yourself, from the outside influence of somebody you love, and adapt yourself through that reflection until you’re who you want to be. Until all the other mirrors fade into insignificance.

    Because how else may we see ourselves, besides through our interaction with others? No man is an island …. I get that now.

  7. People often talk about ‘finding yourself’ but in reality that is the hardest thing to do. It’s not as though you can go on a physical mission looking for something, finding yourself is all about finding inner peace and being at harmony with your life. It something very important to have as well because without it it is very hard to be happy.

  8. Yes, it is quite possible to reach it. I have created another two people in my mind. How? I stayed up all night reformatting my memory and copying thoughts. By sitting down and speaking with these other two people, I can overcome virtually anything by putting myself into a subconcious state of immortality.

  9. I love this idea of learning about yourself through the reflection of you in others eyes. Unfortunatly I have no-one to reflect me. I actually wrote this post about 6 months ago, I have recently learned so much about myself, and I feel more alive than ever. I’m a lyricist and I’ve got words flying through my head at a thousand km and hour. It’s a great way to learn about yourself!
    BludPuddle I’ve always done something similar to you, I make up stories in my head when I’m alone, and I put myself in the positions of various characters. It’s usually a story about something I want to happen in my life, but it’s like I’m living it because I block out the world around me and really feel the story.

  10. if you don’t like what you see in the mirror then fucking fix it. you only have one life… don’t spend it fooling yourself.

  11. Audryn, thanks for reminding me how lucky i am. I need that, just every once in a while. It becomes easy to forget that not everybody is blessed with my unfailing mirror.
    If I ever begin to take him for granted, you all have my permission to kick my head in.

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that’s hit me so hard as familiar, this time yesterday I was in tears with very similar feelings because no-one understands me, least of all myself. It’s so confusing trying to work out who I am and which bits just came from outside influences, I hate the thought that what I like is subconsciously dictated by other people.

  13. why do you hate that sethera?
    i mean …. doesn’t it give you a sense of unity with others – knowing that you may influence each other on so deep a level ?
    and doesn’t it give you a feeling of power to know that every single time you come into contact with somebody you change them a little, leaving a permanent mark.

    I could be wrong but I think that’s the key to immortality.

    And you shouldn’t discount the outside influenced pieces of yourself – they’re no less a part of you.
    Things can only influence you if you allow them to. And I think that discretion about which influences we accept is what makes us who we are. And we’re all individuals when it comes down to it.

    Later, Dam.

  14. I guess because I want to be in control of me! I won’t say you’ve completely changed my perception of life with a few words because it’d be a lie but thanks, that’s something I’ll definitely think about and I suppose it makes sense that I don’t ‘take’ parts of me from EVERYONE I meet, just the select few that I look up to…I hadn’t looked at it from that angle before, I suppose its time to check my reflection in someone elses mirror.
    Thank you for your sensible words 🙂

  15. That’s exactly what I was going to say Blacklight. I try to make my impact by helping where I can, and simply being myself, creating things; songs, stories, pictures, plays, because I know that when people read and listen to them etc. there’s some small part of me that they start to understand, even if they’re not aware of it, and so I live.

  16. That’s a pretty good observation…and true, impressions are left with others, and I know I have left impressions on many people in my life. Some remember me years later even though I may not be able to remember them at all because I met them too briefly.

    I’m an artists as well, in a number of areas, more so now than before, so I know the feeling of leaving impressions with people.

  17. I don’t wish to repeat myself to the point of tedium but this is really making me think, I’m an artist in a few mediums too and people remember and value the things I draw/write/say…I’m beginning to understand really how other people affecting you or affecting those other people is part of how we live – not just live on but live now.

    …and this thread has really proved what you people are saying – I’m sure I’ve taken something from this that’l help me when I’m feeling as lost as I was that night.

  18. That was a really weird yet good writing.It has the mixed feelings that anyone can get when going throught sumthing not known to them.Your a great write I hope to see more!..Good Luck…ish..yea..bye!~<3

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