Missed Love

You think your lifes hell
boy, i got one story to tell
about a girl i used to know
skin was fair and the color of snow
green were the color of those beatiful eyes
the beauty was only matched by the skys
her hair the color of a faded rose
she was my true love from head to toes
this is what i rember of this girl
whos soul matched mine pearl to pearl
our life together was all to sweet
our hearts even shared the same beat
it was perfect, all but one thing
her home life was one hell of a thing
her dad beat her, her mom scold
all this made me oh so cold
she said “don’t worry it will all pass in time”
but then it all fliped over like a spinning dime
It never got better it only got worse
I swear to god i was going to burst
time and time she came cring to me
in those few moments she was free
from all the sorrow and pain
I should of done somthing, but than i was vain
i thoght “its an adult problem waht could we do”
but all her pain was finally coming through
the last thing i rember is a lvley smile and a note
“read this latter, don’t open it now… just don’t”
later that day as i sat ther and cry
I read her note that said she would die
“no more i can’t take it i wish i were free”
No….No, why when you could still be with me
thoughts raced through my head, when some one came by
“whats wrong kid, why do you cry”
i gave her the note with that I fled
to find a knife to make my self dead
but then in that rage came her lovly voice
“please you can’t come to me, this was my choice”
Live on she told me I would find another
how wrong she was, there was no other
that time i weapt was the last tear i shead
knowing now that my true love was dead
on that day my soul was tore
riped apart all of my core
the pearl that was is now so dim
Its like a shadow, way to thin
my missing love is gone from me
why cant the other people see
that with her death, lost me my soul
my feelings are gone, im just a hole
I,ve crossed a line htat you can’t turn back
love, happinedss, pride, these are feelings i lack
I feel no pain, i can’t get close
shes the one i’ll always miss most.