missing link

Have you ever wondered where the missing link of man kind is?? did we all really come from apes? or are we mutant spawn of Aliens and we were put here to destroy ourselves slowly?. I have a Theory. I think that the Apes, (our ancestors) were too smart for their own good and Aliens wanted to know what would happen if they came down to earth and fornicated with all of the apes… So they proceeded to do so, And I think that is the missing link. That is where we came from (don’t quote me or anything) but if anyone else has any other theories please post :).

By Alchemistress

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  1. There is another theory to what happened, during those missing years. After our ancestors started to walk upright, the African jungle were they come from was not a suitable habitat for them any more, (two many trees!). So they went north to find grass lands. Now that they left the jungle for the open plains of Africa, they had a new dilemma, the food was not as plentyfull as what it was in the jungle so they had to look for it some were els, so they turned to oceans and became aquatic creatures. Now if you take the evidence in to consideration it seems very possible. When we swim under water our bodies are very streemline almost like we were designed to swim in water. We don’t have hair like our ape ancestors and the little hair we have left grow in a downward direction to offer verry little resistance when swimming in water. Our noses are also formed in such a way that while swimming no water will go into our nostrils. Infants when placed in water instinctivly know how to swim and hold there breath why is that? Going through an aquatic age could also explain why we are so intelligent, living of shellfish that are full of acids that helps build brain cells, clould be the reason why we are so for more intelligent then our ancestors. I am not to fond of the “Alien theory”. Think about it that would mean that we are half ape and half alien! That would also mean that these aliens were playing god (sounds like something were would do!) What happened to these aliens now? Are they still with us playing with us like labrats, or have they lost intrest in is and move on?

  2. The ancient Hebrews seemed to agree with you – sort of. This sounds like the legend of the Nephilim. However, most cultures report contact between humans and angels/fairies/otherworldly monster beings in the “heroic age” of “once upon a time.” I suspect that we evolved in the usual manner. I think that if we had contact, it was at the dawn of a very early civilization – say, thirty thousand years ago, the time period that archaeologists are just starting to dig up in south America etc. I think that the Atlantis period would have been around this time as well. Maybe I’ve just seen Stargate too many times.

  3. i dont think we will ever know..i mean think about it..all these scientific words are just mere inventions of us humans..a man made answer to questions that can never be completely answered..i mean all these words: cells,apes,aliens..they are just the same as what we have as our own names..i dont think we have the absolute right to understand what or where we come from..coz in the end, we are who we are..

  4. Well, there is that – but people have mostly stopped believing in gods these days, so they’ll grasp at any substitute: aliens, fantastic bests, fairies, angels, demons, undead…whatever.

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    Who said god doesn’t have a sense of humor.?

  6. And What an Abortion that movie turned out to be, must have better influence. but the rest of your comments are pretty well grounded.

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