John couldnt sleep. He had been tossing and turning for hours, but every time he closed his eyes he saw her bleeding face begging for him to stop……….

John had liked Susan since grade school. He had never goten the courage to ask her out, but here was his chance. He had gotten enough courage to ask her out to Brains party. It was suppose to be the party of the century. They were going to have beer, food, music and not to meantion that Brain lived in a three story house with 13 empty rooms.

John walked up to Susan very slowlty with a nervous look. Finally he was right in front of her. Susan talks to John “How you doing John.” John cleared the mucus from his throught and said “Good, i was wondering if you would like to go to Brains party tonight?” Susan answers “no.” A quick sadness rushes over John. “Im just kidding i would love to go to the party with you John” she quickly says again. A rush of happiness and relief rushes over John. “Great” John speaks up “i’ll pick you up at 8:00, is that ok. “sure” she saids. The bell rang. Susan says quickly before she walks away “I have been waiting for you to ask me out for a year John.” Johns jaw dropped……

He rolled up to Susans house at 8:01. John beeped his horn. Susan ran out the door yelling “I’ll be back at 1:00.” She was down the stepes when John saw her farther appear at the door. He gave John a cold hard stare. Susan pops open the door and jumped in. John drove off as fast as could away from that stare. John asked Susan “what was up with your dad?” Susan answered him back “His just worried about me.” “Well” John saids “he shouldnt it just a party”…………

When they got to the party, It had already got started. People were dragging about 9 kegs up the stairs. They had music up loud”……..

At 12:30 Susan walked up to john and said “I really ought to be getting home before 1:00.” John said “oookkk.” Susan saids “Maybe i ought to drive your a little drunk.” nno im not soo iim drivingggg.” “ok, but be carful” susans saids.

(“If only i had listened to her” John thinks laying ther in bed)

John was going 86 mph down a dirt road. Susan startes to scream “STOP JOHN WERE GOING TO GET IN A RECK. John turn his head towards her and says “Noo were nottt.” He turnes his head back. When he see the massive oak tree. He is heading straight for it. He tries to ver off to the left but its to late he hits it…….

John wakes up from the car being pulled from it by some medic. They Put him in the ambulance. He starts to ask “Where is Susan? Where is she?” He hears some cops beside the ambulance sayin that the passagers air bag had failed. john got up and ran out of the ambulance. He turned to the car. He ran to the passagers side of the car. The medic were just covering up her body. He just saw the glimps of her face. Glass had been jabbed through her sockets. He looked be side her were her tongue was laying on the ground.

He later found out that the air bag was delayed and susans head had gone through the glass and the glass had went through her head to her brain. At that same time she bite down own her tougue and had bite it off.

John layed there and rolled over one more time and stared at the darkness beyond the bars of his cell…….

By StAinEd PaNTs

believes that no religions are true and likes 2 hang out with friends an smoke blunts and likes 2 meet new people