Just know that she’s gone forever
That she’s never coming back
Despite your attempts to hold onto her
She’s never coming back

Empty footsteps echoing
Along an empty hall
Yellowed photos still gathering
Dust upon an empty wall
She walked away that morning
Shutting the door behind
Click, said the little silver lock
And it was silent forever more
Your empty heart lay broken
Trying to understand
Why her love died so quickly
As quick as it began
She left behind an album
It’s memories bitter-sweet
And those memories came to life
When the shadows start to creep
Battered souls still sobbing
For a person better off dead
Far-off voices still calling
As you drift away in bed

By Rhane

Once upon a time there was a evil little girl and she was twisted and she scared people and she lived in her own world where no one bothered her becuz thats how it should be...yeah thats about it. Now get the fuck out of my fuckin profile ya nosy fuck~!