mOnStEr – part one

My eyes danced down the wall , a sickly pattern laid before me as I sat on the floor , frozen , watching , blood was trickling in no particular order everywhere , on the unfortunate white lounges , on the walls , on the floor , on his face , on HIS hands ….. on me.
my vision and perception clouded by numberless drinks and cones – all I can see is the monster who slit such innnocent skin – once the secret object of my affection – I now see the truth in his blood-stained clothes and all I can feel is the innnocence and his weeping concussed whimpering – and he crawls away – I am left with the Monster , he licks the blood from his hands , I scream in protest and he smears the gooey crimson mess across my face , my gut wrenched ,stirred , purged and I violently vomitted – he laughed his hollow laugh , I looked up with my blood and vomit soaked face to meet his gaze and his clear blue eyes pierced me like a knife to old scars , broken trust , realisation – THEN within an instant the monster stalks off in pusuit , his foot bleeds on the floor as he walks , it mixes with the innocent blood , it is sickly and black – rotting blood.
I did not follow the monster – I did not need to – I can hear he found him and monster drags innocence to me lproudly , but his game tires him quickly , he lets bloody innocence crawl to bed and I run and slam the door and me and Innocence are away but my relief turns to guilt as I turn , Innocence lays motionless , drenched in blood – sheets around him like a bloody womb , I stood frozen in the half dark half light of 6am and in all my arrogant , self absorbed years I had never been bought to such silence , I stumbled to the bed , layed down next to him and the Monster bangs at the door , I do not answer , I put my arms around the bloody mess beside me and silent tears streamed down my face – as I felt him whimpering – I heard the monster stir and eventually snore – it sleeps – my mind does not , Im cold , colder than I have ever been , I shiver , Innocence whimpers and the monster snores – as the hour passed I felt raspy whimpering breath return to some form of normality – I snuck out of the room to where the monster layed – the smell if sickly rotting blood had set in and I was covered in it , I looked at the monster peacefully sleeping , I wanted him to be bleeding and broken , I wanted to cut him , hit him , beat him to a bloody gooey pulp for what he had done – I was scared so I left – ran out the door , stumbled through the streets and reached home – crawled into my bed and sleep saved me from the torment of my mind.
I awoke to the monster’s face against mine , and innocence ? , he was nowhere to be seen

to be continued