More toys! Oh the wonderful, wonderful toys! I have previously reported on how NECA and SH MonsterArts will be releasing toys and other merchandise based on the forthcoming GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. Now comes news that Jakks Pacific will also be making some toys, and of the three the latter will be the more widely available and most priced for public consumption. That doesn’t mean they look cheap, though. Far from it! Check out the images of what will be available in May. Or don’t, if you don’t want to know what the monsters look like. (There’s also a mini/not really spoiler in the Jakks designs.) Just take my money, already!

Alternately, more and more information keeps coming to light that demonstrated the extent to which director Shane Black and his people had no clue what they were doing with THE PREDATOR. I’ve reported on all the creature designs they ended up not using for the film, and we already know that they took a hatchet to it during the editing process. We also know that one of the aborted final scenes in the movie was supposed to feature Arnold Schwarzenegger in a cameo, and one was supposed to feature a breathing apparatus inspired by the ALIEN Facehugger. But reports have since surfaced that there was a version that was supposed to have Ellen Ripley emerging from that space capsule, and another that was supposed to feature Newt, the little girl from ALIENS all grown up! Honestly it’s getting ridiculous now. What a cluster the ending of THE PREDATOR was. As much as I’d love to see more quality Predator movies on the big screen, it may be time to let the franchise end, since they can’t seem to hire anybody who knows what the hell he’s doing to continue it!