more poems


my mind is empty,
just like my heart
i’m outta luv
i’m outta my mind
i’m empty
just a waste of space
a watse of air a waste of flesh
i’m useless
no one needs me
not even me
do you?
do they?
does anybody?
maybe i don’t even exist
& if i do
maybe i shouldn’t anymore


i’m afraid
to let you in
last time i did
i got hurt
i let my vulunarability show
& got stuck down
so i built a wall
of unbreakable stone
it shows in my eyes
& my voice
but if you dig deep enough
you’ll find i’m lost


Pour salt on my wounds
make my scars burn
cut me in the same spot
over & over again

Hit me until i bleed
slash me with your words
bite my lips
so i can’t scream

Cut me so fast
my blood’s still blue
make me shiver
with your hurt
just like before


The fire inside
has all burnt out
my passion is gone
my heart is frozen
and shattered into
a million pieces
like tiny icicles
or broken glass
that cuts deeper
and deeper
into my soul
like a pendulum
swinging closer
and closer
each cut
hacking further
and further
bleeding out
all of my control


She looks in the mirror
That is shattered like her soul
and watches how her self-hate
Leaks through its cracks
Shielding her
Until she is blinded by her insecurities


hello lover
with the pranksta eyes
that always betray your face
the ones i can read
– like the journal
you hide under your bed-
the ones that reflect
all emotions
– that seem to cloud up
in your head-
as easily as a mirror
and i’m Alice
following you
like a little white bunny
down the rabbit hole
within those
baby blues
lost in a wonderland
as you hold me tightly
chasing away the nightmares


who r u girl
with those fairytale wings
torn from past desires

do you really think
u can hide
from the world
from certain

is that really who u r
glittery & playful

running from sharp
and edges

in the safety
of your trees

eating flowers
savouring their nectar
to cure
impure thoughts

fleeing free
in the wind

looking at the moon
the weeping willow’s leaves

in a melodious voice

writing poetry
for the stars

*(plz tell me what u think)*