morphine and loritabs

I now realize what Alice felt like when she went down the rabbit hole. I spent thursday and friday hooked up to a morphine pump…. major surgery tends to result in that.

I’m not going to go into details on the surgery, mostly because noone here realy wants to know. And partly because I’m not my grandmother.

But I absolutly loathe Hospitals, drugs, and nurses that can’t put in an I.V. line on the first try.

I woke up, threw up, and couldn’t use a bed pan…so they had to help me to the little airheads room….not much is more embarassing than being assisted to the potty, well maybe those wonderful hospital gowns.

So now I’m home, on leave from work for two whole weeks, and dying of boredom. I take about 4 or 5 loritabs a day so I can sit down. And they cause me to walk around in a complete daze and stare at walls a lot.

In the midst of all this fun and frolic, my recently ex boyfriend decides to come visit me, and confuse me even more by discussing how lost he is, the peril and pain of having to choose between two “great women whom I don’t deserve”.

And how he feels like the biggest jack ass on the planet for hurting me, and sometimes, almost wishes she’d never come back…almost……I think thats what hurts worst.

he gave me a hug and I almost didn’t let go…I’ll blame it on the meds when I get off them. I’m lost I’m extreemly stressed out, and I’m crying most of the time when I’m not popping those nice pain pills….

I’m still amazed at all the get well cards, and flowers and visitors I’ve gotten in three days. I didn’t think that many people liked me….well more likely its guilt, but hey, I can pretend.

Ok, I guess thats it for now, I’m probably making no sense at all, and I need another pill….my butt is hurting again.

please no more bad pain in the ass jokes, I’ve pretty much heard them all now.


By Nevarsong

trying very hard not to die of boredom..what with being unable to do half of my favorite things right now. Still haven't quite recoverd from my surgery. Wont even let me work very much right now, they seem to think that they'll break me. I'm not all that fragile you know.