Not to be confused with ESCAPE ROOM, another movie of the same name that came out in 2017, or with ESCAPE ROOM, a different movie with the same title that also came out in 2017. And if this wasn’t confusing enough, you know that movie that’s in theaters right now, WELCOME TO MARWEN, starring Steve Carell? There was a movie that came out in 2018 called ESCAPE FROM MARWIN that was alternately titled…wait for it…ESCAPE ROOM!

It’s kinda fitting that the new ESCAPE ROOM shares a title with so many other movies, since that isn’t all it shares. If you go see this one, you won’t see anything you haven’t seen before, anything that hasn’t been done before, and I don’t mean in those aforementioned flicks of the same title (or in the Steve Carell movie). The new ESCAPE ROOM is basically a SAW movie without Jigsaw and without the gore. It repaved a highway formerly paved by films like the superior 1997 movie CUBE and 2002’s MY LITTLE EYE. Despite the familiarity of the material, though, and the fact that I find torture porn so utterly played-out, I quite enjoyed this one. It’s clever and it achieves a few moments of genuine tension. Think of it as a monster movie, wherein the monster is the building they are trapped in. The ending didn’t quite work for me, though I’m not really sure how it *should* have ended. Still and all, it’s a worthy effort and you ought’a check it out, if you haven’t already, which you may have, since the movie over-performed at the box office this past weekend, coming in at a healthy number two behind AQUAMAN (which you should also check out).