I’m going to affix the date after the title to avoid confusion, as this is the THIRD movie in the HALLOWEEN franchise to be called simply HALLOWEEN. To my mind, it SHOULD have been called HALLOWEEN 2018 officially. But they didn’t ask me.

I was disappointed when I learned that we wouldn’t be getting a new STAR WARS movie this Christmas. (Disney screwed the pooch by releasing SOLO in the summertime. They would have made a lot more money off it had they waited till December, when the competition would’ve been much less intense.) But having HALLOWEEN 2018 makes up for it. It was even more important and significant to me than was STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, though for the same reasons. The original HALLOWEEN looms so large in my esteem, was such a formative force in my life (no hyperbole here; it genuinely was), that an official return to it comprised nothing less than a watershed moment for me, an existence-defining moment. A trip back to my childhood, a revisiting of a thing, a time, a force that left me changed indelibly, that determined the shape into which I would grow.

(Make that the “SHAPE”.)

Did this movie, then—COULD this movie—possibly live up to my expectations, my hopes?

Hell yes it did.

I’m six years old again.