Did anybody go into this one expecting anything other than a big, silly, fun, over-the-top popcorn flick? It would seem some commoner critics did. My problem is those same critics maligning THE MEG also giving high marks to the SHARKNADO series. (Or, more likely, they said the exact same things about both movies, and ROTTEN TOMATOES chose to interpret them as positive in one instance and negative in the other. RT’s aggregation system is seriously flawed, y’all, which is yet another reason why one should never, under any circumstances, consult commoner critics for reviews of genre pictures.) THE MEG far exceeded the speculations of insiders, raking in over double what they were projecting domestically; it also scored a first-round knockout internationally. (I knew it was going to be a huge hit when I went to see it at a matinee on Sunday afternoon and the showing was sold out.) This is a good thing, because it deserves the success.

THE MEG is a perfect movie. Perfect for what it is, that is. As an example of a big, silly, fun, over-the-top popcorn flick, it’s perfect. While I and my fellow Horror nerd—and lead actor Jason Statham, reportedly—would have liked to see more blood and guts, along the lines of Alex Aja’s PIRANHA, the PG-13 rating for THE MEG (honestly it could have been rated PG, even) surely helped contribute to its success, so I won’t begrudge it being toned down for the family crowd. Even sans blood, THE MEG needs to be experienced on the big screen. If you missed it this past weekend, remedy that.