My Angel

To my angel
The one I almost lost
I have loved you
Since I met you
You have given me life
You have given me
The will to live

I almost walked away from you
My blindness wouldn’t let me see
The truth my heart held
I stand here waiting for you to come to me
As you have waited for me

The skys are black
The air is cold
I’m alone waiting for you
I see you in the distance
Can you see me
I notice your smile
As you walk towards me

As you come close
I reach out to touch you
but as I do
You disappear
It was all a dream
And I am scared
For all I can do
Is wait for the angel
I almost lost

By SinsAngel

I have found the dark angel of my dreams. um, I don't know what people might want to know about me. If you want to know something about me just ask.