My Angel

Her pale snow skin was illuminated with the iridescence of the silky moon overlooking her activities, she weakly hummed a chant as crimson tears cried from her wrists. Bags of emotion welling in her eyes as the razor sailed across her ocean of flesh with waves of blood, her deep brown eyes were lost and cold, her innocense was nothing but a figmant of her own small imagination now.

Her black garmets seeped into the background of midnight, the tombstone she sat upon was her only love’s. Hayden, an angel without wings, his deep setting frosty blue eyes in pools of virgin white made Adriel numb and limp just at the sight, and now he was gone. Four months, now since the tragedy of a needle and knife that took his life, she still could not believe it was true.

She stood up, the ground moist and soft, bending wherever she stepped, she then leaned down, took a black rose out of her hair, she reminised about how Hayden would put a single black rose in her red hair and always wispered, “Now, my angel, you have your wings, take me away from this, angel, please, my love will guide you” She then placed the rose upon his resting place, wispered loving words to the lifeless night, and stood again. Adriel then wispered, “You have gotten your wings, my angel, now fly me away from this place, angel, don’t worry, our love will guide us together” And at that last word she stabbed the knife into her soft skin that no longer protected her broken heart, she gasped and caughed, then fell to the ground, landing upon the gravestone which read, “My angel, we will meet again, in time my love will guide you to where I lay a rest, till that time, my love for you grows stronger, even through my heart no longer beats, it feels the warmth and happiness my soul feels as I watch upon you, my angel”