My apology

you sit at lunch by yourself and my friends make fun of you.
about how you look and whats become of you.
they call you ugly and make so many jokes about you.
i want to help you but i dont want them to laught at me too.
i know how you feel when you hear us laugh.
but you dont know that i once had what you have.
you have an apperance no one likes to see.
so do i but mine is inside of me.
i swallowed the ugly on my face and put it in my heart.
a heart that is now breakin and will soon fall apart.
so when you hear us laugh i want you to know that none of us are happy with ourselfs and never will be. if theres any one you want to kill for being ugly…then kill me.
my deepest apologies.

By Innocent

my name is cinzia. if u want to know any thing about me, just ask me.