My Apology

He says he thinks he’s going to destroy the world for her. But what if he’s wrong? What if he’s going to destroy it because of her? I know that this has all happened before. Many, many times in fact. Perhaps things can be changed. Maybe that’s why we keep living this same life. Maybe we’re supposed to fix it all. Although, I really feel like we’ve been down this road before. I know I shouldn’t do what I’ve been asked, that it will only turn out the same as before. I’m the best one to be seeker and rest assured, I will find her. It’s just that I know how this all ends. I know I’ve come too far to remove myself from the scenario now. I just wish I could make sure that it doesn’t end the same as before. I wish I could make myself not find her. But that can’t be because he asked me to. He did not demand it. He simply asked for me help. In the end, I’ve never been able to resist him. Soon we’ll all pay for my weaknesses, as well as for my strength. So this is my apology to you. To all the world which will suffer for that which I shall seek and find. I’m sorry.