My Bedroom (PART 2)

He moves his head down to my pussy and inserts one finger into my hole. I move my hips back and forth. It is exciting me very much at this point. He opens my pussy lips and sticks his tongue in, playing with my clit while fingering me. I move my hips faster and moan more louder.

I hold the back of his head letting him know I want more. He slides his tongue up and down my clit and takes his fingers out of my hole to spread my pussy lips further apart and sticks his tongue in my hole and fucks my pussy lips with his tongue. I can’t take it anymore I want is cock in me so I pull him up on top of me and kiss him passionately, letting him know I want him now. He slides his cock slowly into my pussy. I move my hips so it will go in faster but he stops me. He is teasing me now and he knows I want him really bad I can’t take it anymore so I push him off of me and get on top of him. I pin his arms to the bed so he can’t move. I slide my pussy onto his cock. I move my hips faster and harder, back and forth. We moan loudly together.

By ExotykCandie

In my URL...that is a site with pix of me. I'm 19. I live in Iowa. I graduated highschool...and I plan on going to beauty school here pretty soon. Well -peace out-