My Bedrooom

As we walk into the door of my two bedroom apartment, we can’t stop kissing and touching eachother. He starts pull off my shirt while making our way to my bedroom. I take of his shirt as we walk into my room. We make our way to my bed and I pull him on top of me. I lick my lips and then pull him closer to me and kiss him softly on his lips.

I nibble on his bottom lip. I feel his member growing, this excites me and I feel myself getting wetter. He brings his face toward my ear and breathes deeply, letting me know he is turned on and that he wants me right now. He nibbles,sucks,and blows in my ear, it sends shivers down my body. I start to grind my hips against his erection and he grinds with my rythmn. He moves his hand slowly down my body and unbuttons my pants then slides them off. I unbutton his pants and pull them off with his boxers. I wrap my hand around his erection and move back and forth slowly, and his hips start to move with the rythmn. He moves my hand from his erection and makes his way down my stomach to my underwear and then pulls them off. I can feel his hot breath on my pussy which is making me get wetter. I moan softly to let him to know that I want him to eat me out.

By ExotykCandie

In my URL...that is a site with pix of me. I'm 19. I live in Iowa. I graduated highschool...and I plan on going to beauty school here pretty soon. Well -peace out-