My Best Friend

i’m almost posotive i’ve already posted this but oh well…

So many memories we made
They make me want to go back
They make me miss what I’ve lost
They make me long for what I lack

It didn’t hurt so much at first
I was sure I’d make it through
Now I don’t understand how I ever thought
I could go about life without you

And now that I’ve lost you
I can see that you were right
I know you’re gone forever
All over a stupid fight

I know I go around acting like
I don’t give the slightest care
But in reality, there’s so much pain
You just can’t see it’s there

So I’m just writing to tell you
That I really hope you know
I miss you all the time
Though my pain will never show

Please don’t ever think
That I let you go with ease
And please know that I still cry
But I can’t let people see

I know you probably hate me now
And if you do, I understand
But no one has ever taken your place
And no one ever can

And now as I close this poem
I have one last request
Girl, don’t ever forget me
Of all my friends, you were the best

By Audrienna

I write, I sing, I dance, I act. That is my life. Often I feel very alone and much of that comes out in my writing. You'll probably notice that. Sometimes I feel like I have nobody, not even myself. That's when I write the best. So most of my stuff will probably be depressing and melodramatic. But deal with's just how I am.