My Best Friend, My love

You hugged me and told me you loved me and that you would call me when you got home. I waited for your call. I never got that. I came to class to see your face, but you wouldnt look at me. At first I thought that you were in your mood where you wanted to be left alone, and that you would come around later.

You never came. I heard from a friend that Your ex told you we did stuff. It was a lie. Weve been friends for 8 straight years and were in our first arguement, it kills me to see us like this, but I knew you would look over it and come to appologize for everything that happened today, i never heard the words. I want you to know, that you are my companion through thick and thin, and through good times and bad. I could never do anything to hurt you. Especially something like this. I would kill for you. But Youve been there for me. Ive been there for you. Weve cried together and laughed together, and now it seems that its all coming to a close. Do you remember the promise we made brandee? You go i go remember? Im counting on that. Because if I go…Im hoping to see you. I Just want to say. That I love you, You are my best friend and My love, my first love, not in love, but love is what counts and Im hoping that *he* isnt coming between us! Do you still love me brandee? I want you to know this….
You can call me if your angry.
I wont try to calm you down, but ill get angry with you.
If you call me to tell me your running away,
I wont try to stop you, but ill run away with you.
If you Call me to cry some things out, Ill try to comfort you, but ill still cry with you.
If you call to tell me your getting in a fight,
I wont try to tell you no, but ill be there, and ill have your back!
If you call to tell me your commitn suicide,
Ill cry, but if you do it im doing it too!
If you call to tell me your getting married, I wont try to give you advise, But ill be there to watch my baby girl make her commitment.
I Love You more than anyone knows Brandee, you are your own special person, one of a kind, thats what Is so special about you, if i lost you, then everyone would loose me.
your the only thing that holds me together, your like that one little block that holds all the other ones up, then lets loose and the whole thing comes crashing down. Your destroying me Brandee, I dont want to loose you, But Remember what I said…Your my Best Friend, My Love.
Love ALWAYS, Doran