my best friend’s death

when i was 12 my best friend died on me. i was there and it was my fault in a way. we were walking down the road and we were about to cross but someone caught my attention. i stopped and turned my head a friend was telling me something i forgot. i started to head back but then i heard a loud squeel and thump. my friend was ran over by a drunk driver.

but the driver was going so fast when he rammed my friend he actually blasted him acroos the road and he hit a wall. when he hit the wall he just i i dont know quite how to word it he exploded. his whole body got wider and blood was gushing out of his mouth and eyes and ears he literally looked like a pancake. if only i had been paying attention to the road and my friend i could of stoped it and jason would be here today. or maybe id be the one dead now not him. im stills tunend about it and ive been writing poetry and songs and movies ever since then. its like his death stimualted something in my head. that i need to use my artistic abilities now because you never iknow when life’s moments will be over.

By depressed_1

i hate my life, i hate my school, and i hate my family. i do sports im kinda popular but no girls like me in "that way"