My big Femine penis

My femine penis is a sultry piece of art. It’s a crazy stupid penis with big dreams, and an appetite for adventure (and cheetos) it was in search for the clitoris, when it fell into despair. My pink trap swollowed me hole. Now the clitoris could be my only way out. (whistle…whistle) “Here clit, clit, clit,”I bellowed into the night. Nothing but echos of a familiar voice. Echos of comfort. Echos of betrayal. Echos burdening me brain parts. Now my clit was hiding like a black man at a KKK rally, and I couldn’t take the smell any longer.

I stare down at my nipples, and suddenly it hits me. My nipples are huge, like giant teacup saucers, burning into my soul. My pole rusty high in fiber! This M&M melts in your mouth not in your hand, baby. I want to take this feminine penis everywhere, vagina, anus, mouth, nostril, ear hole,even my eye socket. I decided to take my tounge and rough ride the terrain, hunting for beaver pelts.

Summer time, trees and stuff. BEAVER PELTS.

The End.
Heather & Shawn