My Dark Angel(For you my love E.B.R.)

You are the one I’ve chosen I’m drawn to you in the dead of the night, when the moon is just right. I come to you, you are the only one who can comfort me and the only one who fulfills my very soul. Your ice blue eyes has melted my cold heart. I cant hide my secrets from you, you can see right through me. I’m only myself with you and that’s ok because you love me for who I am as I do you. Everything about you makes me lust for you and long for your taste. As I run ny fingers through your hair I catch a glimpse of thoes eyes that intraps me I’m stuck there as I run my fingers down your face and across your lips. I begin to kiss you the mood intensifies the kissing gets harder, faster, I grip your hair and yank your head back and start to lick and suck on your neck. I can no longer control myself nor hide my last secret as my eyes turn palest blue and my fangs are extracted. I bite down on your neck and pierce your flesh and begin to suck. Your heart pumps the blood from the holes in your neck into my mouth. My body begins to absorb yourt soul as yours is weakend from the blood loss. I stop at that moment where you are somewhere between life and dealth. I step back and watch as your body begins to die. I whisper softly in your ear ” I’ts only your mortal dealth, as for I have given you my haunting gift.” I grab you and hold you tightly in my arms, comforting you as the transformation is taken place. I feel you become limp and grow cold in my arms as all life has left your body, but i’ts only for a few moments. You are quickly revived and awakend to your rebirth amongs the immortals to share this life with me. As you open your new eyes the room around you becomes clearer and you can see me, I’m still there with you as I alway’s will be now, for now we are connected forever and are finally in control of our lives. Never to worry about people words hurting us,anyone ever separting us, or our love ever being lost. We can now be together for all eternity finding life in our own dealth, because now you have become my dark angel.

By Christy

Christy Dudley 25 years old Into vampires, tattoos, piercings, music, and anything dark