My Dream – MourningStar plz Read:)

Ok. This was from quite a while ago, and I keep forgetting to post it. Quite a while ago, somebody posted their dream. And Mourning Star happened to be very good at analysing them:) And (s)he? said (s)he would do one of mine if i put it up. Well, I don’t know if this has a meaning or not, but I seem to remember it quite clearly for some reason, and I have done whereas I often forget my dreams.
It’s quite strange, but Mourning, if you find any meaning’s I’d be grateful !! 🙂

My Dad won a holiday for two. So, that night him and I slept in sleeping bag’s downstairs under the stairs. We were sat in our sleeping bags with out back’s against the wall, when Dad said he had to go talk to Mom about something, so he went upstairs.
I was sat waiting, when I heard something from the dining room, sounded like the computer keyboard. The light was off, though the room was slightly lit, enough for me to see. There was nobody in the room, but the key’s on the keyboard were being tapped. The monitor was off. I ran upstairs, and called my Dad down. He walking into the room and turned on the light. There was a little girl sat on a chair at the computer. It was a ghost, I knew this but I don’t know how. She had blonde/brown long, quite straggly hair.
My Dad said to her “Can you please leave my house?” And the girl replied “It was MY house first” My Dad patiently said, me stood beside him, “Ok, well it’s my house now. And that’s my chair you’re sat on, at my computer. *pointing* That’s my table.” Suddenly the girl turned all demonic, her eyes red and her face hissed, sort of like Bilbo Baggins does on Lord of the Rings 1 when he asks Frodo to hold the ring. My Dad and I ran out of the room.
The next thing I remember, it was the next day and I was in the lounge when I saw, behind the chair at the end of the alley into the lounge, a little boy on his hands and knees. He had light, sandy brown hair. He said “It was OUR house first!”
Then it flashed to their parents, outside our house, though I did not recognise the outside. It was then like the Goosebumps episode when the zombies try to get into the house… They were trying to get in saying it was their house, although they did not so much look like zombies.

I was woken up then, so this was all, and this was what I remembered. It’s strange… It may have just been a random dream, but if you can work anything out from it that’d be cool, and even if it’s not Mourning Star, it’d be cool if any other people ca analyse dreams… Get a few viewpoints 😛
Or if you just wanna comment that’d be good too!

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