My Ex Boyfriend

This world is a big fat lie
It tears me up inside
Not knowing what to do
I want to run to you

But you don’t care anymore
I want to slam the door
Right in your face
You are such a disgrace

To yourself and to me
But you can’t see
What’s inside
Cuz you lied to me
And you tried to flee

Your problems you left behind
And you can’t find
What you are looking for
You think you’re in a war

The way you look at me
It makes me sick
Just thinking about having your child
Makes me want to drink the poisonous vile

Just go away
Leave me alone
Don’t talk to me
Look at me
Or call me on the phone

I hate you so much
Don’t you see
That you are no good to me
I hate you so bad


By sexyvampirechick15

I'm a 16 year old gothic girl. I love to write poetry about myself, my friends, the people I hate, school, my parents, and other adults that have met or seen me.